The Stages of Having A Crush

Hello guys! Yes, I know it's not a spiritual post, or a DIY or poetry and such- but this is my take on the Stages of having a crush, because as a Teenage girl, I CAN NOT be the only  one who experiences crushes. (I'm going through one as of now, but more on that… Continue reading The Stages of Having A Crush

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Slaying Your Giants

  As a mortal who only stands five foot two and the tallest person I’ve ever seen was around six foot five, it is hard for me to imagine an eleven foot giant being slain by an average sized man. Think of it- Eleven feet is about the same height of your ceiling. (Measure if… Continue reading Slaying Your Giants


Bible Verses Cheat Sheet+ Free Download!

So, I've been working on a list of Bible Verses that encourage me in certain situations. Honestly, I'm happy to say that I've found more verses concerning Happiness and Encouragement than I have Anxiety. It shows how much God wants us to be happy more so than anxious. So, I wrote them down, copied them… Continue reading Bible Verses Cheat Sheet+ Free Download!